Buying a Garage Door – Considerations

Advice·Design & Inspiration · 31st July 2018

Upgrading your garage door can bring plenty of benefits to your home – and your lifestyle – but unlocking those benefits means figuring out which door is best for your needs. There are a few things to consider when buying a new garage door, and in this article, we’ll make sure all your bases are covered by highlighting the various features, points of interests and deciding factors that influence your buying decision.


When browsing garage door catalogues or online stock lists, style and aesthetic will be the first thing that draws your attention. It’ll be the same for visitors, passersby and your family, so settling on a style that matches your tastes is definitely a must.

Different types of garage door will have their own style options. Sectional doors are known for their Georgian cassettes, roller doors for their clean and minimalistic frontage, and side hinged doors for their classic, understated feel. You’ll have plenty of colours to choose from too, so don’t be surprised to spend a lot of time discussing the style of your new door.

garage door colour swatch


Modern garage doors are built around security, and for good reason; the average garage is home to an untold amount of possessions – from cutting edge tools and appliances to treasures with sentimental value, and sometimes even the family car! One of the main reasons people replace their old garage doors is because it simply doesn’t match up to the necessary security requirements – it doesn’t feel safe.

Think about the security features of any garage door you’re interested in. Ask your garage door supplier about them, read reviews and decide what kind of technology you’d like to make your door as secure as possible. Automated doors are definitely worth some research, and if you don’t think a door is secure enough for you, don’t compromise; keep looking.


Some garage doors will take up more space than others. Some will demand more internal space, while others will take up room on the outside. Think carefully about your available space. Do you have a short driveway? A roller door lets you park your car right up to the garage without any hassle. If you’re set on an up-and-over door, you can choose between a canopy or retractable model – depending on where you want to save the most space.

electric up and over garage door


Along with price comes supplier. With a new, quality garage door, choosing a trusted and reputable supplier is essential – more so if they’re also handling installation. Price will vary between companies and brand. You might find that certain lesser known brands offer great value for your money – or you might take the stance of ‘you pay for what you get’. Either way, talk to your supplier and discuss your budget with them so they can help you find the right garage door at the right price for your needs.


One of the wonders of upgrading your garage door is learning about the range of features you can choose from to make your life more convenient. Some models will offer things like automation as standard, while some have even more advanced feature sets available. For homeowners mainly concerned with easy access control, remote operation will be the most important – this is especially sought after by those who find manual opening mechanisms difficult to live with.

For more advanced features – such as wireless connection to a phone, tablet or computer – talk to your supplier to see what optional extras might be on offer.

electric garage door button

How do you use your garage?

Whether your garage is a storage space or a hobby-hub – or if you’ve converted it to a bedroom, office or gym, your door needs to fit with how you use your garage day by day.

Insulation is important for garages which see regular use, or habitation, but fundamental styles have different applications. Side hinged doors are great for storage spaces or even offices and playrooms which see regular foot traffic, while roller and sectional doors are best if you want that layer of robust security. Think about your lifestyle and research what door would best suit your routine.

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