Garage Door Jargon Made Simple

Advice·FAQs · 31st March 2019

When you shop for something as specific as a garage door, you might find yourself inundated with options and industry-specific jargon that makes choosing the right door harder than it needs to be. At Coventry Garage Doors, we aim to make your buying process as simple as possible — and that means cutting the jargon to help you find a door that fits with your lifestyle. So, in this article, we’ll explain some of those common industry terms associated with garage doors of all kinds.

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Cable drum – A component in the counterbalance mechanism. The cable drum is grooved, and, as it rotates, the lifting cables will wrap around it, opening the door smoothly.

Counterbalance – The counterbalance mechanism helps to open a garage door smoothly and safely, and is comprised of the torsion spring, cable drums and torsion spring shaft. These three components work together to generate, store and convert torque to wind the door open.

Door frame – Comprised of the jamb and header, the frame ‘holds’ the garage door panel, and is fitted on the inside of your garage opening.

Door header – The horizontal section of the door frame, sitting above the garage door opening.

Door opener – A motorised device which connects to a track, using a trolley arm to open a garage door automatically. A door motor won’t provide lifting power on its own, but will enable motorisation for the door to be opened by simply pressing your remote control.

Headroom – The measurement of clearance between the garage ceiling and the garage door itself when open. This measurement is essential to ensure the door and its components can be installed safely and properly in your garage.

Jamb – The vertical section of the door frame sitting either side of the garage door opening.

Keypad – An entry mechanism located on the exterior of the garage. Input your unique code to open the garage door. Keypads are usually connected wirelessly to your remote control, allowing you to open the door at the touch of a button from your car.

Panel – The outermost layer of your garage door — the panel style defines the aesthetic of the door, and many styles are available for each garage door type. Panels can be insulated, built to varying thickness and specifications and made out of different materials ie. aluminium, steel, timber or vinyl.

Rollers – Small wheels which run along the track to create smooth movement for sections of a sectional door.

Section – The name of individual segments of a sectional door, connected by hinges.

Slats – Installed as a continuous curtain to form roller garage door panels, slats are overlapping strips of — typically — aluminium. Slats can be insulated with foam to improve energy efficiency and sound dampening of a door.

Top box – Used to house the roller door curtain when the door has been opened, the top box preserves a clean aesthetic and maintains a high level of safety by keeping the slats out of reach.

Torsion spring – A counterbalance system used to open and close the garage door safely. Torsion spring coil up as a door is shut, storing energy which is expelled as the spring uncoils when a door is opened.

Torsion spring shaft – A metal rod which runs through the torsion spring, or, sometimes, houses the spring itself. The shaft transmits torque from the springs to the cable drum as the door is opened.

Track – Horizontal or metal bars which act as a guide for roller wheels for a sectional door — allowing the door to smoothly and reliably operate.

U-value – The measurement of the rate of heat transfer of a garage door — the lower the value, the more energy efficient the door.

Weather stripping – Rubber material installed along the perimeter of the door to guard against wind and rain ingress. Improves energy efficiency and security.

Wind load – Refers to the wind strength that a closed garage door can withstand.

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