What Your Front Door Says About You

Design & Inspiration·Entrance Doors · 30th September 2018

Your front door will have a strong influence on a visitor’s first impression of you and your home. While a front entrance door is primarily a security measure, the style, colour, design and materials it’s made from can all communicate something about yourself to passersby. So, does your front door convey your creativity and positivity? Or does it give off a warm, inviting welcome to strangers? Let’s see what your front door says about you.


The colours you choose throughout your home can say a lot about your personality, and the colour of your front door provides the first sneak peek into who you are and what might make you tick. You probably have a favourite colour, or know which colours mean the most to you and your personality, and expressing this through your front door can strengthen the bond between you and your home. But let’s look at the deeper meanings behind some popular colour choices:


Red doors can say a few things. For one, red is a very passionate colour and can instill strong feelings for those approaching your doorstep. It can also be seen as quite attention-grabbing, and can establish you as an outgoing, strong-minded person. There’s also the traditional, orderly side of red, which displays a solid confidence and feeling of assertiveness.

red garage door


The white door is a modern, clean and altogether calm option that is popular throughout the country. If you want to create a peaceful aura for visitors – or for yourself after coming home from a long day – then a smooth white will settle your mood nicely.


Blue is another popular entrance door colour in the UK. Different shades say different things; navy blue has a harmonious, intelligent and steadfast – but can also be quite soothing. Light blue is more free-flowing, breezy, fun and charming. It can be the sign of someone who is happy not to take things too seriously.

blue garage door


Firmly on the more outlandish side of things, a yellow front door is definitely a bold choice. The bright shade can transmit a happy, funny, welcoming pronalsity and can put people at ease – despite its in-your-face nature.


Traditionally a mysterious colour. A black front door offers up a feeling of anonymity – of privacy – but can also feel very sleek and modern. The same colour as number 10, Downing Street, black can be authoritative, but also efficient and representative of someone who enjoys an understated style.

insulated roller garage door

Design and materials

The fundamental design and the materials used to construct your door will also give off a certain vibe. Usually, these two aspects are linked – certain materials only accommodate a certain selection of styles – so choosing one for your front door will usually be based on your personal approach to aesthetics and the principles surrounding it.

Let’s look at a few common door materials and how they might influence the design:


Closely connected to the traditional, cosy and old-fashioned style. A wooden door often has the classic Georgian design, and can make your home feel rather upscale and elite.

double side hinged traditional garage doors


Steel entrance doors are an ultra-modern option that present a highly minimalist, sleek facade for your home. Not only do they communicate a sense of style and energy, but they also immediately communicate security. Steel is one of the best options if you’re the kind of person who values efficiency or functionality – but likes to look good at the same time.


Like steel, aluminium entrance doors also convey a modern sense of style, while making it obvious that you value your security. Aluminium doors can be very pragmatic, but can also create a striking first impression, telling visitors that you take great pride in both form and function.

Colour matching

Colour matching your front door with your garage door will express a satisfying, logical design approach. Someone who sees your home, either from the street or as they walk up your driveway, will know that you can be a meticulous, prideful person who thinks things out and perfects them.

It can also make your home feel much more welcoming, and that’s a great impression to make. If the exterior of your home has seen this much care and attention put into it, then that only says good things about you and your homelife.

So if you’re in need of a refresh outside your home, take a second look at your front door and your garage door and think about whether or not they’re saying the right things about you.

At Coventry Garage Doors, we offer steel and aluminium front doors designed around your specific requirements. Offering the ultimate in security and style, our entrance doors can be colourmatched to your garage door to establish a seamless aesthetic and boost your kerb appeal. To find out more or to arrange a free quotation, simply contact us today.