Material, Colour, Style – What’s Best for Your Doors?

Advice·Design & Inspiration · 31st January 2019

Doors are much more than a means of privacy and security; both your front door and your garage door are constantly on show, and thus have a major influence on the exterior aesthetic of your entire property. From colour to style and base material, your doors will influence the structure and visual flow of your outside area, and can communicate a lot about the personality and tastes of the occupants. In this article, we’re looking at the multitude of choices on offer for both entrance doors and garage doors, to see which materials, styles and colours are best for you.

Entrance doors

Previously, we covered how different colours can affect your entrance door, so we’ll focus on materials for this article. Two popular materials for entrance doors — particularly for more modern properties — are steel and aluminium.

Let’s start with steel entrance doors. Steel is the most popular material for front doors, and with good reason. For modern properties and new builds, steel provides a robust and secure solution, without breaking the bank.

For designs, you have a wide selection to choose from, including the potential for bespoke glazing. Frosted glazing — whether one tall, slim window or multiple smaller panes — can add a great deal of contemporary character to the door. Glazing can work particularly well with long curved handles spanning a large portion of the door itself. This type of design for steel doors brings a weighty, secure and strong appeal for visitors.

Moving on to aluminium entrance doors, where you have many of the same options as steel doors. The main benefit of aluminium is its lightweight structure and insulative properties. It’s also low maintenance and efficient — which often means it’s pricier than its steel counterpart — and, like steel, can be decorated with any manner of glazing design.

modern apartments entrance door

Garage doors

The type of garage door you choose will often dictate the material — though there can be crossover. We’ll break it down into common materials and see which styles fit best.


The top choice for a wooden garage door is a side hinged model. Timber garage doors bring a natural, traditional feeling to a property, and works beautifully for both modern and older environments. You can refresh standard wooden shades with brighter colours, too, to suit the character of your property or to establish a new theme or style.


If you’re set on a steel entrance door, then it makes sense to match with a steel garage door, to bring some structural consistency to the exterior. The most common choice here would be a sectional door, often constructed with thick steel panels. Having an entrance and garage door of the same material means it’s easy to perfectly colour match them.

With steel, you have a near limitless colour palette to choose from, so both your front and garage doors can be catered to your precise tastes.

modern from entrance door


Complementing its lightweight nature, aluminium garage doors are most commonly found in the form of roller doors. Roller doors are compact — great for smaller homes or homes with little driveway space. Like steel, aluminium has a huge selection of colours to choose from, so if you’re looking for visual consistency outdoors, an aluminium entrance door is a perfect partner.

Garage door colours

Much like entrance doors, the colour of your garage door can say a lot about you. If you have a spacious property and a large garage, the sheer size of a garage door will draw the eye, so picking the right colour is aesthetically essential.

For minimalist and contemporary properties, solid black is incredibly popular, especially with white-bricked garage structures.

You might be more apprehensive selecting bolder colours — reds and yellows, for example — due to the size of the door. Where an entrance door comes across as charming in a unique shade, a garage door might come across as garish. This isn’t always the case, of course, so it’s worth experimenting with samples if you can — just talk to your supplier to get a sense of the colours you’re interested in.

garage door colour swatch


At Coventry Garage Doors, we supply a wide range of garage doors and entrance doors to suit properties of all types. With our colourmatching service and expert advice available, well help you find the perfect style for your front and garage doors, tailoring every aspect of them to your specific tastes. For more information, contact our friendly team today.