Common Garage Door Problems and How to Solve Them

Maintenance & Repair · 30th November 2018

If your usually-reliable garage door suddenly stops working as you’re used to, it can be quite frustrating. Sometimes the fault isn’t immediately obvious, and you’re faced with your garage being out of commission until you can figure it out. But garage doors will usually fall foul of the same types of issues, so knowing about them ahead of time will allow you to react quickly. In this article, we’re looking at some of the common garage door issues and some of the things you can do to resolve them.

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The door doesn’t respond to the remote control or keypad

The simplest reason for this issue is that the batteries in the remote control are running low. First, replace them to see if the issue is fixed. If not, and if the keypad isn’t responding either, then it may be necessary to reprogram the keypad and remote control. Consult the manual for specific information on this, or your manufacturer or supplier for advice on your particular model.

Other reasons for this issue include:

Blown fuse in the keypad – check other garage electrics, reset the breaker. If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the fuse.

Damage to the antenna itself – examine the antenna and get in touch with your supplier if it is damaged.

The garage door motor is broken – this is a severe issue which will need the attention of a professional.


The door doesn’t close all the way

If the door doesn’t fully close, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a mechanical fault. First, you should check for any clutter around the opening. If the garage is your main storeroom, make sure you keep bits and bobs away from the door itself. The sensors installed either side of the door could be blocked by something – or they could be caked with dust or grime – which will cause the door to stop before it reaches the ground. If you find that this is the cause, just remove the object – or clean the sensors, and you’ll be good to go.

If the issue isn’t so easy to find, it could be that the tracks or cables are damaged, or that the safety limit – the setting which tells the motor how far down the door should descend – needs adjusting. For damage to the motor or door, contact a professional.


The door doesn’t fully open

If you have the opposite issue and your garage door won’t fully open, then the first thing to look for is damaged rollers. If you have an old door, it’s more likely that your rollers have worn out, so have these replaced so your door will be able to move up and down smoothly and reliably.

Damage to the curtain itself might also be an issue, so check for dents or bent slats. There might also be a lubrication issue with the motor or cables, so inspect these – or get a professional to do this for you.


The garage door is making loud, unusual noises

Loud metallic noises, such as rhythmic clanking, grinding, squeaking or similar are clear warning signs. While the door might function properly, these noises will likely hint at underlying mechanical issues that will need to be inspected. With so many moving parts, the noise could have something to do with any of them, such as:




The motor

It might be that the parts need lubrication, but if you hear a loud bang, then this is most likely a snapped torsion spring – something which needs to be examined immediately. If this happens, close the door and don’t try to open it again until an engineer can take a look. Broken springs means the door is no longer safe to operate – the door could just slam shut at a moment’s notice – and replacing springs isn’t a DIY job. Call in a professional as soon as possible.


What to do with older garage doors?

Older doors will be most susceptible to damage or faults – especially if they haven’t been properly maintained. If your old door has a history of faults, and is getting progressively harder to open, more unreliable to operate, or even unsafe, then replacing it with a newer model is the way to go.

Modern garage doors are designed around reliability and safe operation, so upgrading an older door will be an instant transformation. Choosing a new door also allows you to select a different style, something which might be better suited to your lifestyle.

If you have trouble lifting manual up and over, for instance, then an automated garage door will be a huge improvement. Or, to avoid all maintenance requirements, a side-hinged door might be perfect. Whatever your requirements, a reputable supplier – such as Coventry Garage Doors – will be able to help you find the perfect garage door for your needs.


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