Garage Conversion Ideas and Inspiration

Design & Inspiration · 4th September 2017

How we use our garages has changed immensely over the years. What used to be a convenient parking space for the family car has now become the go-to storage space for garden equipment, old furniture, appliances and who knows what else? A garage conversion is a fantastic way of putting languishing storage space to use. In this article, we’re looking at some conversion ideas that can add new life to your property.

Hobby den

Converting your garage is a great opportunity to dedicate some more space to your personal pursuits. If you can’t find enough room inside the house, a renovated garage makes for the perfect hobby den retreat. The beauty of a conversion is that you can tailor the space however you’d like; fancy building a studio for art or photography? Or prefer to create a space catered to many different hobbies? It’s all under your control.

Kids’ playroom

Kids love to have a space all for themselves, but not every household has the room for a separate play area. If you have a garage that’s underutilised, why not turn it into something that can be truly enjoyed? For kids and grandkids, a cosy garage playroom is somewhere they can truly make their own.



A home gym is the most convenient way to keep up with a customised exercise routine – without having to travel. With a garage gym, you can tailor your exercise space to your own requirements; you can start small and then gradually build it up over time. Even small garages can be put to use with all kinds of workout equipment; from yoga mats and cycling machines, to full weight racks and benches, treadmills and more. For homeowners who’d prefer to avoid gym memberships – or don’t have access to a gym facility nearby – a private home gym can be liberating.

Home office

Having a private spot where you can get your work finished without distraction is a valuable commodity. Whilst working from home, it’s difficult to keep yourself disciplined without clearly separating your work from your homelife. Unlike a bedroom office, a garage conversion allows you to maintain that distinction more easily. You have one central space to keep all your work-related materials, making sure that job obligations don’t spill over into free time; once the garage is closed and locked up for the day, you can leave any stress behind.


Be creative

There are many ways to convert an old, disused garage space. A conversion allows you to get creative, so think about what’s missing from your home and envision how you can put your garage to use. You’ll be surprised at what you can do.

The right garage door

Every garage conversion has different requirements, so it’s important to choose the right garage door for your conversion purposes.

The best door for a home gym will likely be different to one for a music room, for instance, so it pays to pursue professional advice when it comes to installing a new door on your conversion.

If you value simple, easy access, a side hinged door might be the right choice – especially for playroom conversions or a room which will face heavy foot traffic. For a gym or office where important information or valuable equipment is stored, security is a decisive factor. Roller or sectional doors will probably be more to your liking here. There are many options to choose from; help from the experts will mean you end up with the perfect garage door solution for your conversion.

Discuss your options while the conversion is taking place so that, once the work is finished, your new garage door can be installed without delay.

demonstrating front entrance door


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