The Importance of Winter Garage Door Maintenance

Maintenance & Repair · 30th October 2017

Your garage door performs a valuable service all year round, but as we approach the harsher winter months, it becomes more important to focus on the maintenance. From security to functionality, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to ensuring your garage door stays in top condition this winter.

The winter weather

A garage door is the first line of defence against all kinds of weather. Wind, rain, sleet and snow can all penetrate your garage if the door is worn or in disrepair; this can be damaging for anything stored inside.

For roller doors, weather stripping along the sides and bottom is used to stop water and wind from getting inside. If these strips are cracked, loose or damaged in any way, they become immediately less effective. Heavy rain can seep in, and this problem gets even worse in the winter due to the presence of ice. Ice can freeze your door shut, and needs to be carefully removed before you attempt to open the door itself. During the winter, make sure to check the sides, top and bottom of your door frame and remove any ice you see.

If you notice that your weather strips are damaged, take steps to have them repaired as soon as possible.


Winter garage door security

Home security is always a pressing issue during the second half of the year; as days get shorter, we start to become more aware of the possibility of nighttime prowlers. A garage is a natural target for a burglar. If you haven’t kept up with proper garage door maintenance, yours might be singled out over others.

In the run up to winter, do a thorough survey of your current security solutions and think about what could be improved. Is your current garage door manual or automatic? Is the door frame loose around the edges? Could a burglar see into your garage from the street? Think about all of these and take action if you see a problem.

Automation is a much more secure option, especially for roller doors and sectional doors. If your current door is an older manual up-and-over, for example, then it’s definitely worth thinking about modernising.

Burglars will also be in the lookout for valuable Christmas stashes. If you store presents in your garage, it’s vital that you keep it locked whenever it’s not in use. Covering any windows – either in your door or otherwise – will also make your garage much less attractive to passersby.

Regular winter maintenance checks

In addition to checking the seals and edges of the door frame, you should also perform some regular garage door maintenance checks throughout the winter. Doing so will ensure all aspects of your door are working as they should. These include:

  • Checking the tracks and rails for damage, blockages or ice
  • Sweeping any snow away from the door to prevent freezing
  • Fully opening and closing the door once or twice a day – even if you don’t plan to use it – to prevent ice from building up
  • Scraping away any ice you find on or around your garage door
  • Routinely checking for surface damage and damage to lock/opener – if the door is manual


Replace your garage door

Modern garage doors are designed to bring security, efficiency and reliable functionality to a garage space throughout the year. If your current garage door has seen better days, it’s likely a wiser option to have it replaced with something more robust.

Insulation is an important factor, especially if you plan to use your garage as an office, gym or living area. An insulated roller door, for example, will help to keep your garage comfortable during the winter, and you’ll also have peace of mind when it comes to security convenience.


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