How to Make Your Garage Greener

Advice · 31st May 2018

Summer is around the corner, and that means you can finally venture from the house. Now is the most opportune time to start thinking about home improvements; you can prepare for the year ahead and learn a few lessons from the harsh winter just past. Your garage can really feel the effects of ice, snow and rain – not to mention the cold temperatures – and if you’re leaking energy in the winter, then the same will happen in the summer.

How can you prevent this? By making your garage greener. In this article, we’re looking at how you can bring the green living movement into your garage space.

Repair any damage

First things first: those lingering cracks in the walls, around the garage door frame or the windows will really limit how green your garage can be. Fix these before doing anything else. For older garages, single pane windows will be worth replacing with double glazed alternatives.

Seal up any gaps to the outside with energy-efficient building materials. Old drilled holes, natural damage to brickwork, gaps in weather sealants – these will all need some attention to ensure your garage is fully protected from the outside elements.


Modernise your lighting

Unless you’ve recently had a renovation, your garage electrics are unlikely to be particularly modern. Instead, you’re probably dealing with wasteful light bulbs that just aren’t worth the money. To make a true green garage, replace old lighting with LED bulbs, and think about how much lighting your garage actually needs.

LED bulbs are significantly less power hungry than incandescents – or most alternatives – and they have a far longer lifespan, too. So get a head start and future proof your garage with stylish LED lighting for long term savings.

Replace the garage door

Old garage door models were not manufactured to be energy efficient. As years go by and your garage door suffers wear and tear, then they become even less efficient. Old up and overs are prone to coming loose around the doorframe, meaning it’s harder to control the temperature inside no matter what time of year it is.

New models installed by a reputable supplier are much more friendly to the environment – especially Insulated roller doors. A built-in layer of insulation is key for a green garage – as is robust weather sealing and, of course, a precise fit.

Upgrading the door makes a significant difference to the efficiency of your garage. The garage opening can be a huge energy leak if you haven’t paid it any attention, so plugging that gap with a made-to-measure, eco-friendly door will naturally make your garage greener.

Turn your garage into a recycling centre

If you have the space, you can make your garage as green as possible by using it as your very own recycling centre. Dedicate some space to different material bins to make home recycling a breeze. If you approach it with this kind of structure, you’ll find it easier to stick to – and you’ll really notice the difference a dedicated recycling plan makes.



Why stop at an insulated garage door? Garage wall insulation – and even insulation for your pipes – will really help greenify your garage. Insulation means comfort, no matter what the season or the weather. If you plan to renovate the garage into a bedroom or office in the future, you’ll find that insulation is essential.

Water harvesting

Why not go the extra step and set up a water butt for your garage? You can harvest rainwater from the guttering system, and save on water consumption by using that for your gardening or outside cleaning tasks. Wash your car, water your plants, clean your windows – water harvesting with your garage is definitely a green way to go.

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